What The Fox Say?


While looking at Twitter today, @TheMichaelMoran linked to the video above, boldly claiming that “If you were still thinking of entering the Best Pop Song Of All Time sweepstake stand down. We have a winner.” Tears of laughter after watching it several times, I recalled a story from my dim and distant past.
When I was in charge of a fire engine, we got a call from HQ to go to an incident at a village we didn’t know. The radio transmit button was slightly jammed on as the driver said “Nowhereville*? Where the fuck’s that?”
The whole of the fire brigade heard it. Someone radio’d us to warn the transmit button was on so he quickly said “As I was saying Dan, I’m going to a fancy dress party and I will WEAR THE FOX HAT”
Genius quick thinking.
*Name changed in the silly attempt to disguise who might have been swearing on a fire engine. Pathetic, but I thought I should try.

Irish Blogging Awards.


I know this might seem a little cheeky, but I really would appreciate your help.

The 2013 Irish Blog Awards are taking nominations. I would love it if you would like to throw me into the mix!

There a loads of categories to choose from, so if you  fancy chucking a vote my way, thanks!

There is a podcast section too where you COULD vote for Dan Life Coach. You could. If you wanted. https://dansiron.co.uk/dan-life-coach/

The nomination forms ask for Email addresses of the blogs Here are the ones for mine.

Dan Siron: The World Through The Eyes Of An Idiot.

Blog: dansiron@gmail.com

Podcast: danlifecoach@gmail.com


Even if you don’t for me, then why not vote for your real favourite Irish blog. Which, of course SHOULD be mine anyway!



Wrinkly Lines

The very talented @sillineysarah (Sarah Carroll) somehow managed to convince me to sing and dance for her.

I never claimed to be a singer or a dancer. If fact, anyone who has seen me attempt either will testify that this not as bad as usual.

It is a parody of the Robin Thicke explicit video for “Blurred Lines” which can be found on Vimeo and is basically the same but with naked models roaming around.

Please watch our version and like/share/tweet etc on Twitter/FaceBook/Down At The Library. If not to make me feel a little less humiliated, then for Sarah as she deserves a lot of credit for the things that she does.

Thank you.

Winners Take A Fall.


Winners Take A Fall.

Jimmy Tarbuck, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall.

We’ve rightly, had enough of them all.

We feel bile in our oesophagus,

We don’t want them on top of us.

If Jim didn’t fix it for you, close call.

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