The Keys To An Equal Opportunity.

After my last blog post caused a degree of discussion, some excellent contributions (and occasional moronic “You are trying to starve my children in the pursuit of attention” rants amid stunning hypocrisy), I have decided to tackle today’s headline subject of equal opportunities and sexism with a hard hitting poem.

Some might suggest, he says what he sees.

Sky’s football pundit, hirsute Richard Keys.

With all of that hair, His sight is not clear.

He just made a pass, at Ms Germaine Greer.

I thank you.

For those not in the know, Richard Keys and Andy Gray allegedly made suggestions that female officials in football need to be taught the rules and should not be involved in the beautiful game.

I might also take this opportunity to copy my favourite tweet of the day.  In response to @corkscrewnation’s request for an explanation of the offside rule in 140 characters, I made this reply.

@corkscrewnation Offside rule 140 chars.  When being sexist in a broadcasting studio, make sure the microphone switch is on the “off” side.

Short and sweet.

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