It Takes A Long Time To Grow An Old Friend.

Bromance. Or he has milkshake on his face.

It Takes A Long Time To Grow An Old Friend. (John Leonard.)

I don’t live very close to my friends, but this doesn’t mean that I am not close to them.  I have one friend in particular that I rarely see. It can be a matter of years rather than a matter of days between setting eyes on each other.  But I know that when we do next meet up, it will be just like we were talking that morning. That is just the way it is. Our various responsibilities and lives get in the way.  We have never lost sleep over this, although other people cannot understand it.

The problem with my friends is that they are scattered around the world.  From New Zealand to England. China to America.  One of the best friends that you can ever have lives in Canada.  I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of months, even though I keep promising to do so. Time differences, jobs, families and normal, boring, day to day stuff keeps getting in the way.  I don’t deny that there is a degree of laziness in there too.  I also regret not having more exciting and absorbing things to tell my far flung friends. Not that that matters.

Your mates are your mates for the exciting things in life. They are also there for the not so mind blowing aspects. Like an erection on a bus, you can’t explain why, but they are always there.  Whether it is to tell them something you wouldn’t tell anyone else, or something you want to tell the world, you tell them first.  Good or bad.  Pregnant but don’t want to make the announcement until you are sure things are ok? Tell your friend.  Thinking about leaving your job to work on a Kibbutz? Tell your friend.  Found out that you are ill?  Tell your friend.  Won the lottery? Tell your friend. Having an affair?  Tell your friend.  Been promoted?  Tell your friend.  It doesn’t matter what it is and often doesn’t matter if they will approve or disapprove, we tell our friends because that is what we do.

I am quite independent and never really need anybody around me.  I operate quite well on my own.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t still need my friends.  Some times more than others. Where is my phone?

3 thoughts on “It Takes A Long Time To Grow An Old Friend.

  1. Dan, this has always been one of my tests of a true friend. One where distance and frequency don’t affect the closeness. I have a handful of friends who I don’t see as often as I’d like to, yet the conversation literally just picks up where it left off. Thank goodness for email, smartphones, Skype and Facebook. They all make the world a smaller place, and make friends seem a little closer.

    • I suspected I wasn’t the only one to feel like this Dawn. Great to see that others have people that are just a phone call away!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.



  2. those are, ultimately, the best kind of friends ever. most of mine are overseas, too, be it over the Irish sea, or the Pond.

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