Lost For Words?

Write for yourself. It might help somebody.

It is not often that I am lost for words. Even if I can’t think of the most appropriate thing to say, I usually find something from somewhere. This weekend I was lost for words.

 I write my little blogs and articles for both myself and, if anyone is kind enough to read one, to entertain others. Occasionally I receive a comment on what I have written and I love that people get involved. This weekend I received an Email that took every word away from me. I have copied it below, after changing the names.

” Hey Dan, my friend Dave recommended I read your blog posts so I looked you up. I wasn’t going to write anything but saw the words Bother Me, and thought I’d just let you know how much Dave likes your posts and tweets. Actually they are something he really looks forward to so I thought you might like to know that. He always tries to make light of it but he’s been fighting cancer for some time and has periods when he’s out of action. When I saw him in the week he was really struggling but we got talking about the odd things that helped and he said he enjoyed your writing a lot and your tweets often made him smile. The way things are, he’s been writing about his life and childhood which I think is a good thing. Anyhow, I won’t bother you too much, but just thought you might like to know your writing has made a difference, even to someone you never met. Keep at it mate.

Ciao. John.”

Although I am extremely proud, and shocked, to have been contacted by John about this, I am not posting it here for personal reasons. I am posting it, with permission from John, to show that even if you think that what you write disappears into the internet when you press post, it doesn’t.  There may be a million different blogs about a variety of subjects and you may feel that whatever you feel like writing about has been done a thousand times. It doesn’t matter. Write it anyway. Let’s face it, I have hardly written anything particularly inspiring. But you never know who is reading. Even if you think that what you have to say has no relevance to anyone out there at all, it might. It could be exactly what someone wants or needs to read.  Someone, somewhere might be looking to know they are not alone. Even if it doesn’t, it might be just what someone needs to take their mind elsewhere for half an hour.

My Dad always said, “Never be afraid to put your hand up in class and admit that you don’t understand something. There will be plenty of others in that room that will heave a silent sigh of relief when you do.”

So write, and don’t worry if nobody contacts you. It doesn’t mean that they are not reading. It could be that you may never know about the smile you put on someone’s face.

Thank you John.

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