You Decide.

Just a very quick post. Once again I got myself into a Twitter argument. This was (unbelievably) about cats. I rescued a cat from under a skip and he now lives with my girlfriend. He is called Bernard. He is good at hiding. @tweetpina thinks her cat is better at hiding. I disagree.

Look closely at the two pictures and settle this matter once and for all.  Who is the best hiding cat. Bernard? Or the skanky yellow mankball that doesn’t even have the originality to hide behind something other than a semi-glazed door.  Lovely stripy Bernard? Or Skankball?

Lovely Bernard. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.


Manky yellow Skankball. Bleaugh.

4 thoughts on “Poll-Cat

    • I am deeply disappointed that you voted for the Skankball. Although, and keep this quiet, I think his hiding picture is genius and clearly demonstrates his hiding is better than Bernards. But I can’t let Bernard lose. Poor Bernard only has one leg*.

      *The number of legs that Bernard possesses may not be accurately described in this comment. Accurately, he has 4.

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