Something Free For Christmas? Why The Devil Not!

Dr Loki takes a well earned break.

After some technical screw ups (mostly my fault) and some dedication from Mark and Jess (not forgetting Dr. Loki), we have a new episode of Dan Life Coach! Thank you to everyone who listened, downloaded, rated and reviewed on iTunes. Obviously, more thanks to those that took the time to rate and review.  In fact, the vast majority of the appreciation goes to those people.  The others can have a slight nod.  Try and earn more than a nod this time by recommending us. Don’t be lazy.

Once again….even more thanks to Secret Sirens for the excellent theme tunes. What’s that? Who wrote the lyrics?  I am not one to blow my own trumpet, but it was me. ME. But I think the talent lies with the band. Though the lyrics are good.

Also, we have a kindly slice of royalty in King Cnut who is providing our exclusively designed competition winning T-shirts. Go and buy something from his store. Do it. Now.

Of course…. I have to also thank Phil, Ryan, Nick and Loney at BNL Productions for their wizard-like skills and, well, wizardry! I cannot recommend them highly enough! Top blokes. Use them if you have internet gubbins to do. They know their onions.

So, here is episode 2.


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