Things Change, But Some Things Stay The Same.

Time to clean up your act.

Things change.

They always do. There is little we can do to stop it. Sometimes they change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. Sometimes, and far less often noted, they change and are neither worse nor better. Just different. Of course, at the time of the change, we aren’t always sure if the change will be better, worse or barely noticeable.

There has been a change for me. I have moved down to Dublin and I am doing lots of little things. What I am not doing, though, is the Dan Life Coach podcast. Or, at least, I haven’t been doing it. Legions of fans (Jake) have been pressuring me to get back on the horse. Saddle up and open the surgery once more. Others, I am sure, have been enjoying the hiatus. Dave at King Cnut has not had to endure me giving away the exclusive “Dan Life Coach” T-Shirts for example. I am certain that he grimaces every time I send him a winner’s details. It isn’t the sending out of his fabulous merchandise that irks him, it is just the contact from me that he is repulsed by.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Well, time to batten down the hatches, Dave, as I intend to open the surgery to new problems very soon! Because of my relocation, I have had to dispense with my usual crop of highly dedicated experts. Jess, Mark, Emma and Brad may well be involved in future episodes, but I suspect my well placed calls to the authorities will keep them occupied for a good while yet. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the immense work that they did in solving the general public’s personal issues, I just don’t like having “that” chat. I figured that trying not to get sent down for a 10 year stretch in chokey might distract them away from the fact that I have new experts. Local experts. Local to me, anyway.

I cannot reveal the identities of my experts yet, mainly because I am not entirely certain of them myself. But rest assured. They will be as highly qualified as the previous motley crew. Just not qualified in anything mildly useful. Upholstery mostly, I suspect.

So, standby for incredibly astute advice to be spewed forth in the near future.

Of course, we need your problems. There are no rules on what kind of issues we can deal with. We are open to anything. We cannot promise satisfaction in our own lives , so why would we promise it to you? But we do need to know what irks you. What troubles you? What confuses you?  To send your problem for my team to discuss, cogitate, digest and excrete, send your problems to or add it to the comment box on the Dan Life Coach website.

And, to catch up on the previous episodes (and to add a lovely comment and 5* review (a-hem, nudge nudge), just search for Dan Life Coach on iTunes. Or simply click the link. Do I have to do everything for you? If you are really awkward and have an Android device, you can catch up with Dan Life Coach on Stitcher.

We look forward to hearing your problems. And remember, we care.

Dan Life Coach.

4 thoughts on “Things Change, But Some Things Stay The Same.

    • Dear Dee. I shall place you on my list.

      I will, of course, need you demonstrate your wiseness publicly. How you do this is all part of the selection process.

      So, go….. illustrate your wisenessity and I shall be watching. I SHALL BE WATCHING!

      Dan Life Coach.

    • Hello Nowdrake.

      This is an age old question. Get Rich Quick schemes. The common misconception is that there is no such thing. I dispute this. I set up an online problem solving, lifecoaching service and I am absolutely minted now. Seriously loaded. So rich that I don’t know what to do with all of my immense amounts of cash. I could send a large portion of that cash to you and help you with your financial difficulties, you could even buy Waitrose, but really, what would you learn? WHAT WOULD YOU LEARN?

      So I suggest that you send for my leaflet about cutting your cloth to suit your means. Send a self addressed envelope, complete with cheque for £599 to me. I guarantee that this will help.

      Dan Life Coach.

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