Top Gnu.

Top Gnu.

It isn’t often that you get something for nothing and I am not about to buck that trend. I could wax lyrical about the fantastically generous efforts of Dave at King Cnut Clothing for creating and sending the EXCLUSIVE* Dan Life Coach T-shirts, but I won’t. He already knows that I am sending my first born to him.

Take JT in the picture above. To the untrained eye, it may look like this hapless wanderer has acquired a Dan Life Coach T-shirt for FREE! But you would be wrong if you thought this. Very wrong. You see, JT took the time to send me his problem. And a fine problem it was! He disregarded pride, humiliation and audio revelry at his expense and shared. SHARED. So, while he didn’t have to put his very short, Yorkshire arms into his very deep pockets, he did invest something that money can’t buy. A sense of humour. JT, we salute you. In a very salutey way. He probably hasn’t even listened to his problem on the podcast though. I don’t think he has figured out the listeny side of the interweb yet, or that it costs nothing to download. Still, awwwwww! ( Psssst…. JT…. click this. )

So….. the only way that you can get your hands on an EXCLUSIVE* Dan Life Coach T-shirt is to send in your problem for the podcast. If yours is selected by the team as their favourite problem, then you could look as smug, well endowed and handsome as JT. Or maybe better? Is that possible? I feel a rogues’s gallery coming on.

Something troubling you? Send it in to or fill in the form at the bottom of this page..

Thank you, be well, go forth and ……..

*EXCLUSIVE in this instance means it isn’t in his catalogue but he will probably sell one to you if you ask. So not THAT exclusive then. But keep in mind that I get nothing, NOTHING, if you just buy one. So buy one, claim you won and send me a problem anyway.

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