Who Grows Who?


Who Grows Who?

Listen to me, Usain Bolt, listen closely.

I admire your speed, you are quick as a flash.

But even with jet powered rollerskates,

You will never beat Tom Selleck’s Moustache.


It’s no secret that I admire Richard  Branson,

With his drive, his ambition, his panache.

However, there is simply no amount of money,

That can buy you Tom Selleck’s moustache.


To you, beauty queen,

All legs, curves and  glittering sash.

You may be the world’s most beautiful woman,

But you will never grow Tom Selleck’s moustache.


People mock those who are walking amongst us,

Who grow facial hair, that catches their  sausage and mash.

Don’t ridicule Tom for cultivating his face hair,

For it’s Tom Selleck, that’s grown by his moustache.

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