Lies, Lies, Beautiful Lies.

Lies, Lies, Beautiful Lies.

Today it is Honesty Day,

Or so I have been told.

It started in America,

And it’s leaving me cold.


Should we be honest?

Should we be true?

We’ve all blamed echoey phone lines,

When we’ve answered, mid poo.


When you first met,

Your other half was a cracker.

Will they really welcome,

Being told they’re now a fat knacker?


“So, Sharon, here’s your big day!”

“You look great! You look lovely!”

“Dave, you sure you wanna to do this?”

“She looks like a prop forward in rugby.”


“Size doesn’t matter”,

She fibbed, looking down at his whanger.

“Your arse still looks big, love,

When it’s in an aircraft hanger.”


I think we should play safe,

And tell stories that are tall.

Or if you have nothing nice to say,

Then say nothing at all.


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