I am Dan.

Not what you might expect.


I am Dan.  I am very tall and I do many things.  At school I was described as “easily distracted, distracts other people and generally disruptive”, although I am a lot better now.

I went to University to study Law after I was deemed too tall to be a firefighter. I later joined the fire service when they removed the upper height restriction. If you prefer to believe that I shrank, then I am ok with that.  After 10 years in the fire service at various fire stations, I thought I would do some other stuff as I thought I have more tricks up my sleeve.. So I did.

I went travelling for a year and you can read about some of it here.  I was only writing it to keep people up to date on where I was at the time.  I also performed some  stand up comedy on the way!

Once I got the travelling bug out of my system, I decided I would try and forge my way in a new career.  I chose radio and began working on a local radio station where my folks live.  I then moved to Lincoln to produce and present the Lincs FM Late Show.

I am now doing various different things, some on radio, some in video, some bits of writing and acting……. just finding my niché and trying to find people to show off to.

I am always interested in new stuff, so if you think I can be useful to you,then I would love to hear from you here. Although this site is mostly me writing about things that amuse me, or getting a few thoughts out of my head, I am available to write for you, should you so wish. I can be serious too.  Honestly.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see.  I would love to hear what you think.  Unless you are my ex girlfriend from 4 years ago.  The Police told you not to contact me in any way at all.  So stop it. Move along.

You could just move along to find me at Twitter if you so wished!


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