What The Fox Say?


While looking at Twitter today, @TheMichaelMoran linked to the video above, boldly claiming that “If you were still thinking of entering the Best Pop Song Of All Time sweepstake stand down. We have a winner.” Tears of laughter after watching it several times, I recalled a story from my dim and distant past.
When I was in charge of a fire engine, we got a call from HQ to go to an incident at a village we didn’t know. The radio transmit button was slightly jammed on as the driver said “Nowhereville*? Where the fuck’s that?”
The whole of the fire brigade heard it. Someone radio’d us to warn the transmit button was on so he quickly said “As I was saying Dan, I’m going to a fancy dress party and I will WEAR THE FOX HAT”
Genius quick thinking.
*Name changed in the silly attempt to disguise who might have been swearing on a fire engine. Pathetic, but I thought I should try.