Writing For You

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Most people can write.

But can they write what you need, what you want and write it clearly?

It isn’t just about stating the facts. Add the personal touch to your print media, websites or marketing materials to really connect with your audience and clients.

A little bit of personality goes a long way.

If you are planning something a little longer, I can provide scripts for your project to inject humour and realism.

Contact me for details.


I have also introduced and trained various people and companies on the use of social media.

Although I try to be amusing from time to time, I can also be sensible. Honest.


BNL Productions. Script editing and writing.

Eve Magazine.

Premier Sports.

Julianne Mooney (travel writer). Training on social media.

Samantha Leighton. (Sports Massage Therapist) Press release.

One thought on “Writing For You

  1. Dan is the first on call in pre production to oversee and for proofing all our final drafts of scripts, voice overs and literature. His ability to step back and craft words in a new and simpler structure has a massive effect on our audiences getting the message clearer. His other equalling strength is the speed of his response, the pre production stage for us can be hurried by client deadlines and Dan doesn’t even need to be asked to play ball with this urgency. He is also able to make the dullest of script topics appropriately entertaining!

    Nick Hutchinson
    Company Directer
    BNL Productions

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