Heath Robinson’s Pancake Maker.

In a world where you have to be able to do many things, I have some examples of some of those things here. If you see something that you like, or don’t like, feel free to let me know. If you want to know if I can do other things too, just ask away.



The Samaritan. A feature film by Myles Radcliffe. Part: Trevor Lake.

Caught Read Handed : Ireland’s Dumbest Criminals.


Dad for the new LIDL Choose campaign. More to follow.

Northern Ireland Tourist Board Advert. Blinking Dad. Advert. Tim The Football Fan.

Randox Health Checks. Healthy Man.


Voice Over Work



I am listed on the fabulous PIEHOLE Voice Over website. You can hire me. Or, more accurately, you can hire my voice. You get to tell me what to say.

Voice Over work for Premier Sports.


Video Production

WELB Youth Councils Conference 2009. BNL Productions. Edited by Dan Siron.


Stand Up Comedy

The Classic Comedy Club, Aukland, New Zealand.



Presenting and producing radio programmes on a variety of stations; locally, nationally and internationally.

Xtreme FM radio station 

Training and coaching young people to broadcast for a temporary local radio station.


Live events compere

Ballroom dancing events. (Honestly)

Charity fundraising events.

Live community shows.

Speak Your Brain

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