One Lump Or Two?

One Lump Or Two?

Bean Shaker.

I can’t remember exactly when it occurred, but I know it came just after our high streets were redecorated with green corners and smelling of Gareth Hunt’s right hand.  For younger readers, please Google Gareth Hunt and his coffee bean manipulating right hand.  After Starbucks, came Costa Coffee, Coffee Republic, Mocha Do About Nothing and many more coffee shops.  They became the tyrant of the charity shops, as they themselves had become the tyrant of the grocers and butchers before them.  As a non coffee drinker, I was safe.  This fanatical approach to beverages that would not make me fall over was a little scary, but at least at work I could rest easy knowing that people would only ever be able to handle what ever the thimble like portions the machine spewed out.

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