Who Needs An Idiot?

Karl Pilkington. King Of Idiots.

My Kind Of Idiot.

I have just had the best week to have the worst week. I have just come home from possibly the most relaxing holiday imaginable. I was floating down a canal in Burgundy, experiencing incredible food, outstanding countryside, sumptuous luxury and extremely delightful company. The joy of such an amazing break was not overshadowed by the disasters that were occurring in my absence. In fact, the idyllic week on board La Belle Epoque pushed almost every disappointment, frustration and outrage firmly to the back of my mind. And I would like to thank every person involved in my week for that. You may not know how important you were.

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Any Cole Is A Goal.

Who could ask for more? Well, him.  He could.  And did.

Any Cole Is A Goal.

By Dan Siron.

Eve NI Magazine April 2010

As a boy, I had many “heroes” and a liberal scattering of role models, some which have endured to this day.  The work ethic of my Dad, the diligence and commitment of my teachers, the creativity of lyricists and musicians; all have made me the man I am today.  The fact that I fall short of each and every one of them in some fashion is not a fault on their leadership, but a habit I have formed and nurtured over my years of mediocrity in wanting to keep a low profile.

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