Open Your Eyes.

I am currently sat next to a large window in my kitchen with my laptop on my knee.  An Apple MacBook Pro for the geeks that need to know these things. I treated myself to it some time ago when I needed a little pick me up and when I was tired of having to restart my old laptop when it froze every other minute.  I have a coffee by my side.  None of your expensive and faffy cafetiere nonsense, oh no.  Just instant coffee.  I don’t know why I prefer it so much, but I do.  Nescafé is the selection today.  I have my favourite radio station on in the background.  I know it isn’t everyone’s choice of listening, but I like TalkSport.  It is the sound of people chatting that I like.  It doesn’t always matter what they are talking about.  It could be the familiar voices.  Except for  Ian Collins who I have listened to for a very long time.  I listen to Ian because I enjoy the show, even if I don’t always agree with the points of view being discussed.  The late night output is easily my favourite because of this reason.  There are many other excellent radio stations out there that may be your favourite, but this is mine.  I have others that I listen to and enjoy, but this is the one that I can hear right now.

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