I Hope You Are Ok, Granny.


A beautiful, young portrait of my Mum by Andy Zermanski.

2012 was not my best year. September 19th saw my Mum pass away after a short fight with illness. It came as a shock for our family. As we are not religious, my Mum had asked me to say a few words instead of having her funeral overseen by a stranger. She wanted me to do it because she thought I might be able to do it in a “happy way”. It was the most difficult thing I have had to do. My brother, Jason, and my sister, Kelly, helped out with the readings. I was proud of them and I hope we all did a job that Mum would have been proud of.

This is how I tried to remember her at the service.

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Try Before You Buy.

Try Before You Buy?

By Dan Siron

Ordinarily I can only cope with breathing, eating and the very serious business of Angry Birds on the iPad, but I have been thinking about how life has changed in the last 25 years.  Who’d have thought that I would have to get dressed before answering the phone in case “video calling” was activated?  In the 90’s I couldn’t have envisioned telling a computer my shopping list and expected it to turn up 5 hours later, delivered by someone’s Grandad.  Even now, I struggle to comprehend the psychic abilities of 1471 and how my video knows when the clocks have gone back.  Oh yes, iPad and VHS. Cutting edge retro here.

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