imagesToday’s poem. I am not sure how long I will keep up the poetry. Although it IS brilliant, I am not at the whim of my fan(s).


I don’t care what my friends say,

I don’t need something like NetFlix.

I’d be better served to spend my time,

Growing another appendix.


Childless Benefits.

Thank you! And you, and you, and you, and you.....

I don’t usually try to be controversial. The fact that I am considered to be argumentative is primarily down to the fact that the people with whom I am conversing are predominantly wrong. In fact, in a “discussion” with a boss in the not so distant past, I saw his frustration in being wrong, manifest itself in a rather amusing lip twitch which I couldn’t help but stare at. This didn’t help him resolve the issue of his wrongness. In fact I think it may have magnified his ire, especially when I started to mimic it. Like two disproportionate Elvis’s (plural Elvi?) sneering at one another from non-confrontationally positioned office chairs. Incidentally, my dictionary has just told me that “confrontationally” is not a word. I disagree. The “Wrong-Boss” refused to accept that I was always right, but had to concede that in that particular occasion, I was. And on all other previous occasions.

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