Thank You For Your Attention.


Thank You For Your Attention.

Your parents have taken great pride in raising you to have excellent manners.
Inadvertently, they may also have raised you to be a little bit snobby too. “Make sure you say thank you, Daniel.” “Don’t you have any cleaner friends than Clive that can come round to play?” Where the line is drawn when it comes to etiquette can be vague, especially when approaching the job market.

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I haven’t posted anything for a while, so I thought I would add a little taster of something I worked on not so long ago.

Flashback is a short film that I wrote, exploring how a group of people became formed by their experiences. The clip above is a short excerpt from the finished film by BNL Productions.

Lost For Words?

Write for yourself. It might help somebody.

It is not often that I am lost for words. Even if I can’t think of the most appropriate thing to say, I usually find something from somewhere. This weekend I was lost for words.

 I write my little blogs and articles for both myself and, if anyone is kind enough to read one, to entertain others. Occasionally I receive a comment on what I have written and I love that people get involved. This weekend I received an Email that took every word away from me. I have copied it below, after changing the names.

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Good Will Punting.

An Ape-ology. And an explanation.

My previous post is an apology.  Having spent lots of time promoting the articles that I wrote for Eve Magazine, I suddenly stopped.  In fact, the last article that I posted was supposed to be published in Eve Magazine.  It wasn’t.

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